There have been a lot of people who have helped us get to this point. We have decided to celebrate them here. This way, after everyone watches the wedding, they can know who is responsible and say, “I’d like to see another wedding put on by them!”

1 Suzy Gerhart for listening to the spirit and hiring Claire and Kyle to be Independent Study employees at the same time (despite their inadequacies).
2 Jess Montgomery, who pestered Kyle over and over again to find a date for the Kamas rodeo.
3 Tyler Commons for convincing Kyle to continue dating, and especially to, “stop being a ‘sissy’,” and, “not mess things up this time.”
4 Jacob “Endless Charity” Mortensen for continually being a chaperone towards the end of our engagement, and for driving Kyle down to New Mexico to meet Claire’s parents after he totaled his car.
5 Paige Guthrie, April Hendricks, and Hannah Wertz for putting up with our domination of the living room.
6 Dave and Jan Peterson for stopping us from “smooching in the house” and keeping us from starvation on many, countless, days.
7 Trevor Christensen, a utah wedding photographer, for his great engagement pictures. The picture featured on the back of our invitation was taken by him.
8 Michael Commons, Kyle’s dear cousin, and an Idaho graphic designer and Idaho photographer, for suffering through our wedding day trauma, taking pictures all the while.