Fir Grove

Fir Grove

July 1, 2013 6:43 am 2 comments

Let me tell you about a little ol’ place named Fir Grove. Claire spent the good part of May trying to find a place for us to park the Airstream while we were in Portland but was having little luck until she drove past Fir Grove on our first day here.

Fir Grove is unlike anything I’ve ever been to. It was once an RV Park, but has become a trailer park. People just decided to stick around. But it still has many of the features that an RV Park would have. Here’s an excerpt from an email Claire wrote to our parents about her interview with Fir Grove’s manager:

When I was talking to the landlord about moving in, the conversation went like this:
“So you want to move in. You and your, what is it, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate…?”
“Husband? You’re really married, for real?”
“Do you have kids?”
“How old are you?”
“You’re 24 and you didn’t get married because you got pregnant?”
“Uh, yup.”
“Well. You are a rare breed here.”

I almost told him “We didn’t get married because we got prego, we got married because we were in LOVE.”
He also told me he has one rule, which is do whatever you want in your trailer, just don’t bring it outside. “I don’t care if you knock your husband around, just keep it in the trailer.”

Needless to say, people are as friendly as they get. Gifts of fireworks, sewage hose, and like kindnesses have been in abundance. Here are some photos that I’m going to allow to speak for themselves.


  • Krista Hiatt

    This is a treasure. I’m remembering Fir Grove for when my real live husband and I decide to become RVers.

  • corey

    I stumbled upon this as my wife (who I didn’t marry because she got pregnant either) and I prepare to sell our home in Bozman MT and do the airstream thing in portland for a while. Wondering if you might be willing to email me with your thoughts about this place. Our plan is to try to live out of an airstream for 6-12 months until we find something we really want to buy in portland. Having a similar struggle trying to find somewhere close to town where we, uh, fit in. Thanks!