Our 2013 Christmas Card

In our many travels this year, we lost the exact same panel off the back of the trailer four times, a side window flew off in Oregon, and one of the roof vents to boot.

Boondocking is the art of discretely living out of your car. Over the course of 120 days of traveling, we only stayed at RV parks 9 times, and 1 night at a hotel. Much thanks to Walmart, and our generous friends’ curbs.

In an effort to reduce letter G, we made an effort to use our bikes whenever the milage was manageable. Especially in Portland, where biking is easier than driving.

As an equal partner in our travels, Joshua’s demands were: cab space to fart in, leg fat to shove his elbows into, and a 1/2 hour at a dog park, daily.

Between Rock Canyon in Provo, a 20 miler with Hannah & Jacob at Escalante, and 15 miles with our dads, we still wish we’d done a little more hiking and backpacking.

After a little success at making fonts in 2012, Kyle quit his job at the first of the year and decided to make fonts full time in 2013. The lettering for this Christmas card is a font he designed named Santa Barbara.

We put a fresh 25,000 miles on our truck, at an all time high price of $4.20 in podunk Texas, and an all time low of $2.85 in podunk South Carolina.

Tired of paying for races, we decided to host our own Half Marathon this year—and we know it won’t be the last. Here’s hoping for the second annual this April.

This was a record “breaking” year for our Apple devices, with: 1 iPad shattered, 1 iPhone 4s shattered, and 1 iPhone 5c shattered and then lost within six weeks. This is why we can’t have nice things.

During one of our backpacking trips, Joshua slipped and gashed his leg open on a rock. With little more than a few curse words under his breath, he managed to hike the remaining 8 miles out.

Honestly, what else were we going to use the letter K for? TBH, though, we got sick a lot this year. Too much traveling I guess.

Using the word “living” might be a bit of a stretch, but we did make it a lot further on solar than we thought we would. Solar is great between Utah and Texas. Everywhere else it was pretty much useless.

Our Passionately Project kicked off this year, and is still wrapping up. We met some amazing people, and received many donations to make it possible from friends and family. Super huge thanks to those who made it happen.

We visited 10 National Parks during the year. Mount Rushmore and Big Bend are our new favorites. National Parks don’t allow dogs, and Joshua is still holding it against them. Which is to say: they’re not on speaking terms.

The first four months of the year were spent in Kyle’s grandma’s basement, housesitting while they were in Arizona. Lots of memories there, much time spent trying not to break things, and Joshua’s pee effectively wiped out an entire species of South Orem Bluegrass.

As a part of Kyle’s pursuit to design type (fonts), we lived in Portland from June to August so that he could intern with Thomas Jockin. We loved Portland, and the time we spent in a crummy little trailer park on Killingsworth street.

We got to spend time in the houses of 30 friends across the country, eating meals, boondocking in their backyards and on their curbs, seeing movies, and learning so much about their lives. We couldn’t ask for better friends.

Because Walmart was our home, we fell prey to Redbox many, many times. We are embarrassingly familiar with even the most terribly reviewed releases of 2013.

This was a landmark year for Kyle, who watched 370 episodes of Star Trek. His parents couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishment. Claire only watched a handful of those, but received a verbal synopsis of all the pressing developments. She considers herself well versed.

Claire spent almost the entire year bringing our fifty year old trailer up to par. Even still, the road was hard on the Silver Bullet, and we had to repair ever-thing from shelves to the hitch jack on the fly.

We each walked away from BYU in April with traditional 4 year degrees, after 12 years of combined study. You could say we deserve congratulations, or perhaps empathy for how clearly mentally handicapped we must be.

Claire has been the muscle in pushing us toward better, and more responsible, eating habits. Some days we call it Vegan, but most days we call it Trying.

McDonald’s wifi may be deep fried and give you irritable bowels, but it’s free—and we had a hard time staying away. On a plus side, the employees don’t seem to care how hard you mooch.

Considered just skipping this one. But we know our readers, and definitely Trevor would have pointed it out.

This is loudly obvious, after reading the Star Trek section, but it’s nonetheless necessary that it be mentioned.

The first few months of the year were spent practicing Yoga. Abandoning the mat as we moved back into our 27 foot home, the last few were spent talking about how we SHOULD be doing yoga.

Cherry Mix-mix Ya’ll

Ya’ll is a new word we learned in our travels abroad. We’ve seriously loved seeing, meeting, and sharing time with all ya’ll this year. We could only hope that 2014 provides just as many good times, with just as many good people. God bless ya’ll!