St Louisey Goosey

St Louisey Goosey

October 14, 2013 2:39 am 1 comment

Gettin Goofy on ya’ll here. Get ready. The Gateway Arch was closed cause duh going up gigantic metal elevators to overview large cities from the apex of a gigantic metal arch is for silly Americans who aren’t strong enough to just love America for its abundance of corn available within Missouri and its five surrounding states. So we had fun being grumps with the rest of the altitude hungy oldies.

It can be exhausting to be grumps. Joshua didn’t have a very hard time with it, though. Saves all his stamina for haulin dog rump around every podunk park and being grumpy about not being able to haul dog rump.

The duffus just can’t seem to get into his scull the magnificence of modern engineering. He’s kind of a tough dog though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was just masking his emotions.

Anyway. We’re doing great, and we’re not doing bad. We’re still alive thanks to odd jobs, Braeden and Cassi, Claire’s Grandma, Terry and Jaynce, and strangers who offer us showers at truck stops. Seriously, truckers are way nice. You can bet they’ll give you their $12 shower tokens if you look nasty dirty enough. This is a picture of Claire looking happy, as proof.

1 Comment

  • Alyssa Benson

    Looks like you guys are having such the adventure time. <3 you guys.
    For some reason, that seems appropriate to use since there are, in fact, three of you.